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Dents B’ Gone! is one of the premier Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) companies working for car dealers in the Los Angeles and Orange County. If you are a Car Dealer or have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for an affordable way to make dent repairs we can help.

Of course, we offer “special” pricing based on volume. In most cases “you get what you pay for,” but you actually get more when you use Dents B’ Gone! Let me explain, generally dealer and fleet work is performed by PDR technicians that have less than one year experience. These company employee trainees are actually learning on the job on your cars. In many cases dealers are paying for inferior work or are sending cars to body shops because they are told by inexperienced PDR technicians that certain dents cannot be repaired by PDR.

You get more by calling Dents B’ Gone! To begin with, all of the work is done by me, the owner Tino De La Cruz. This means that for the same price that you would pay another company, you actually get an experienced professional craftsman. I can repair large dents and dents on body lines that inexperienced technicians cannot. One of my favorite sayings is, “If I can’t do it, nobody can.”

Dents B’ Gone! is experienced, dependable and affordable. If I tell you I will be there and can do a job for a certain price, you can count on it!



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